About Polycast

Manufacturer and formulator of epoxy resins plus urethanes and silicones. Specializing in adhesives for electronics, electrically conductive coatings, epoxies for potting, silicones for assembly, specialty epoxy, high-performance epoxies, general-purpose epoxy, thermally conductive epoxy, flame-retardant epoxy, electronic assembly epoxies and more.

Since 1984, Polycast Industries, Inc., Bayshore, New York, a subsidiary of Delta Polymers of Long Island, has been a leading supplier of general-purpose and specialty epoxies, silicones, and urethanes for potting, casting, encapsulating, bonding, moldmaking, prototyping, roller manufacturing and more. We specialize in epoxy resins for electronics, silicones for assembly, electrical adhesives, epoxies for potting, gel epoxies, electrically conductive coatings and nearly any other fathomable use for our specailty epoxies. We have never been known to turn down any reasonable request for the formulation of custom made epoxies and urethanes. Striving to achieve the perfect balance for any of your epoxy needs, be they electrically conductive properties or flame retardant construction is what we o from the moment you consult us to delivery of the final product.

Epoxy Resins

Epoxies are thermosetting resins that work in different heat ranges and are converted into infusible, insoluble solids by the use of hardeners. Polycast offers a broad range of one- and two-component epoxy resins for use in encapsulation (including high-voltage epoxy potting compounds), mold making and more. We specialize in conductive epoxy, including thermally conductive epoxy, and other epoxies for electronics.

Silicone Compounds

Silicones can be classified as specialty, high-performance elastomers. Polycast offers a comprehensive line of silicones for assembly, encapsulation (including high-voltage potting), conductive silicone, mold making silicones (including for pad printing) and silicones for roller markets (including fuser rollers).

Urethanes and Coatings

The term urethanes describes a multitude of polymers prepared according to the diisocyanate-polyaddition principle. Urethanes are broad-ranging polymers with varied compositions and correspondingly different properties. Urethanes are typically used in encapsulation, tooling and roller manufacture. Creating perfectly tailor-made urethanes is a cornerstone of our success in the polymer industry.



Elastomer Products FAQ

"What kinds of specialty epoxy systems does Polycast Industries formulate?"

We offer general-purpose epoxy and specialize in high-performance specialty epoxies, silicones, and urethanes for encapsulation, mold making, roller manufacture and industrial markets. Many of our products, such as our conductive epoxy, condustive adhesives and conductive silicone, find use in electronics. We offer adhesives for electronics, conductive adhesives, electrical adhesives, electrically conductive coatings, electronic assembly epoxies and other epoxies for electronics.

"How strong are your epoxy systems?"

Polycast epoxy resins systems come in a variety of strengths and flexibilities from extremely high-strength to super-flexible.

"What can Polycast Industries do for my special project?"

Depending on the application, we will determine the correct polymer formula that will work best. Then we'll use the finest raw materials to engineer a compound that will accomplish your objectives.


"Can you tell me more about Epoxies?"

Epoxies are thermosetting resins that use hardeners in order to become infusible and insoluble. Epoxy resins have application in a variety of situations requiring a strong bond or permanent repair and in applications that may require thermal or electrical conductivity or other special property.

"What are Urethanes used for?"

Urethanes are polymers that have uses in encapsulation, tooling, and roller manufacturer markets.

"What are the properties of Silicones?"

Silicones are specialty, high-performance elastomers that offer toughness, resistance to abrasion, and have a low dielectric constant and dissipation factor.