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It used to be difficult to find a full-range supplier of liquid elastomer products. Then, in 1984, Polycast Industries, Inc., a subsidiary of Delta Polymers, Inc., Bay Shore, New York, was established to supply specialty epoxy, urethanes and silicones for assembly, encapsulation, mold-making, roller manufacture and other industrial markets. Now, manufacturers around the country come to Polycast Industries for its varied and proven selection of epoxy products.

From thermally conductive epoxy, conductive silicone, electronic assembly epoxies and epoxies for encapsulation to flame-retardant epoxy, gel epoxies, potting adhesive and silicones for assembly, Polycast has the products you need. We are experts in aerospace adhesives, medical device adhesives, high-temperature adhesives and in fire-retardant epoxy and silicone. Ask us about our full line of general-purpose and specialty epoxies and silicones.

Unlike other companies that offer only one polymer chemistry, Polycast offers a full range of general-purpose and specialty epoxy, silicone and urethane solutions. Being a specialty formulator, Polycast operates differently than other suppliers: First, we determine the polymer chemistry that is best for your application. Then we formulate a compound using proven, field-tested raw materials to meet your special requirements. We ensure that every epoxy order is created to specifications using precise processes that put Polycast polymers at the very top of our field.
Polycast supplies high-performance epoxies as well as general-purpose epoxy products and specialty epoxy products plus urethanes and silicones for a variety of applications.

General-Purpose Epoxies • Specialty Epoxies • Thermally Conductive Epoxies • Epoxy Coatings
• Addition Cure RTV Silicones • Condensation Cure RTV Silicones and much more.