Single-Component Lightweight Casting Compound

PC 8500 is a lightweight epoxy coated material designed for casting & potting. It is a single component, syntactic foam which is formulated so there is no advance preparation before use. Its porosity helps provide a structural matrix for added liquid resins. This structure provides greater physical properties while maintaining a specific gravity less than water.  


Color Pink
Appearance Dry powder
Specific Gravity 0.17
Compressive Strength 115 psi
Min. Pot Life (125°C) 55
Shelf Life @ 70 °F 6 months @ 70 °F
Hardness, ASTM-D-2240 (Durometer) 45 (±10-Shore A)
Dielectric Strength (ASTM-D-149) 3.8 (ASTM-D-150)
Dielectric Constant 3.8 (ASTM-D-150)
Dissipation Factor 0.2 (ASTM-D-150)
Volume Resistivity (ASTM-D-257) 1 x 1015 ohm-cm
Thermal Conductivity 2.1 x 104 cal x cm2/sec x cm °C

PC 8500 handles like dry powder. Fill around the parts to be potted. Any lumps may easily be broken. Vibration may be used to help fill small voids in the material.

Cure Schedule     
Standard cure: 3-4 hrs. @ 125°C.
Alternate method: 1 hr. @ 150°C.