Clear Casting Epoxy

P.C.610 is a clear, unfilled epoxy with moderate viscosity for general purpose casting and impregnation, exhibiting excellent electrical and physical properties.

    Part A                                                  Part B



Color Clear-slightly amber (Part A)
Viscosity, cps (ASTMD 2393) 8000 (Part A)
Specific Gravity 1.13 (Part A)
Compressive Strength 15600 psi (Part B) (ASTM-D-695)
Mix Ratio 2:1 (Part A) (By Volume)
Mixed Viscosity (ASTM-D-2393 @ 25 °C) 6000 cps (Part B) (ASTM-D-2393) @ 25 °C
Pot Life 40 minutes (Part A) @ 25 °C (100 grams)
40 minutes (Part B) @ 25 °C (100 grams)
Shelf Life @ 70 °F 12 months minimum (Part B) @ 70 °F
Flexural Strength (ASTM-D-790) 19500 psi (Part B) (ASTM-D-790)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 50 x 106 (Part B)
Heat Distortion Point 105 °(Part B)
Dielectric Strength (ASTM-D-149) 435 V/mil (Part B) (ASTM-D-149)
Dielectric Constant 4.0 (Part B) (ASTM-D-150)
Dissipation Factor 0.033 (Part B) (ASTM-D-150)
Volume Resistivity (ASTM-D-257) 12 x 1015 ohm-cm (Part B)

Cure Schedule
Cure at room temperature for 4- 8 hours with full properties after 24 hours.

Mixing Instructions
  1. Measure out required amount of Part A and Part B.
  2. Mix curing agent in thoroughly.
  3. Evacuate for 2 - 5 minutes if void-free castings are required.
  4. Pour into cavity or mold.