Low Viscosity Filled Epoxy Compound

Polycast 254 is a low viscosity, filled epoxy formulation which is used for encapsulation and embedment of electronic components. It has excellent electrical properties and exceptional adhesion to most substrates. PC 254 is 100% solids.

Color Blue (Part A)
Brown (Part B PC 67)
Viscosity, cps (ASTMD 2393) 900 (Part B PC 67)
6000 (Part A)
Specific Gravity 1.0 (Part B PC 67)
1.50 (Part A)
Compressive Strength 13500 psi [Part B PC 67 (ASTM-D-695)]
Mix Ratio 100:18 (Part B PC 67) (By Weight)
Mixed Viscosity (ASTM-D-2393 @ 25 °C) 4500 (Part B PC 67)
Min. Pot Life (125°C) 35 (Part B PC 67)
Shelf Life @ 70 °F 12 months (Part B PC 67 - @ 72°F)
Hardness, ASTM-D-2240 (Durometer) 81 (Part B PC 67-Shore A)
Tensile Strength (ASTM-D-638) 8000 psi (Part B PC 67)
Flexural Strength (ASTM-D-790) 13500 psi [Part B PC 67 (ASTM-D-790)]

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
9 x 106 (Part B PC 67)
Service Temperature Range 260ºF (Part B PC 67)

Dielectric Strength (ASTM-D-149)
480 V/mil (Part B PC 67)
Volume Resistivity (ASTM-D-257) 5 x 1016 ohm-cm (Part B PC 67)
Thermal Conductivity 5 BTU/in/ft2 °F (Part B PC 67)

Cure Schedule

Overnight at Room temp. (75 °F)

Mixing Instructions

  1. Premix P.C. 254 in the original container prior to use to insure any settled filler may be reincorporated. Warming PC 254 to 100°F facilitates ease of use.
  2. Weigh out the required amount of P.C.254 Part A and the requisite Part B.
  3. Mix thoroughly, scraping both sides and bottom of container.
  4. Evacuate mixture at 29 in. Hg for 5-10 minutes (if desired).
  5. Pour into mold or cavity.