Equal ratio mix EPOXY adhesive

PB 839 is a 100% solids epoxy system. It is a filled, thixotropic paste compound. Polybond 839 can be cured at room temperature or at elevated temperatures. It has exceptional mechanical bond, and has good adhesion to glass, ceramics, most metals, and plastics.


Hardness, ASTM-D-2240(Durometer) Shore D 70

Tensile Strength, ASTM-D-638
5,500 psi
Tensile Elongation, ASTM-D-638 2.8 %
Flexural Strength, ASTM-D-790 5,800 psi
Water Absorption 0.08%

Dielectric Strength, ASTM-D-149 (volts/mil) 405
Dielectric Constant, ASTM-D-150 3
Dissipation Factor, ASTM-D-150 0.002
Volume Resistivity, ASTM-D-257 1 x 1014


Color , visual A: Neutral
B: Black
Viscosity, ASTM-D-2393 (c.p.s. @ 25o C) A: Paste
A: Paste

Specific Gravity A: 1.20
A: .99

Mix Ratio (by volume)
Pot Life @ 25OC (100 grams) 45-60 minutes

Shelf Life @ 70F
12 months minimum

Mixing Instructions:

Measure equal parts by volume (A to B - 1:1). Mix thoroughly scraping the sides and bottom of the container. Evacuate and then apply to surface.


Cure Schedule:

Room temperature cure @75°F with full properties after 24 hours.

To accelerate cure, allow 2 hours @ room temperature, then 2 hours @ 125°